Zero Gravedad - Climbing Documentary


"Zero Gravedad" is a climbing documentary about Carlos Vargas, an inspiring Bolivian climber.

Carlos is not a regular climber as he's got an ambitious project: he wants to develop and popularise the sport of climbing in Bolivia. Because climbing is not an officially recognized sport in Bolivia, Carlos receives no funding from the government, which means he has to build his project from the ground up. Carlos has founded his climbing school "Zero Gravedad" and built an impressive climbing gym above his house, he teaches climbing, and he reinvests all the money he earns in gear to build new routes all around Bolivia. He dedicates all of his time, energy, money, and passion for the advancement of local climbing. This is not a mere project: it is his life’s work.

When he told me about his project, I was so impressed and wanted to help him. That's why I spent a few days at his place in Sucre and we shot this short documentary about him and his inspiring story. It was really interesting to get out there and do something different than what I usually do, and I learnt a lot. Really happy about the end result and I am so looking forward to doing more documentaries in the future! It's so interesting to share someone's life for a few days and get a totally new perspective.

It is a very long and demanding process, but Carlos is optimistic: "It is a dream, but we are looking forward to realizing it."